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Thomas Vander Wal

Principal & Senior Consultant
InfoCloud Solutions

Thomas Vander Wal is an analyst, strategist, advisor, and popular speaker. He focusses his work on increasing value and optimizing social tools inside, through, and outside the firewall. He works with organizations of all sizes and focus (non-profit and education to Fortune 500) to help them better understand the values and hidden considerations in building, implementing, and optimizing these social tools. He has a broad and deep background covering more than 20 years of experience in project/product/program management, application development, and user experience design.

Thomas puts the focus on improving use and reuse of shared information in the services and tools. He deeply understands the tensions and need to focus on: The people using the tools as they need: the difference of collaboration, community, & collective services; and Implementing and maintaining these services on individual as well as across various services and tools.

Thomas has a strong focus on meta for machine use, but also for people finding information and refinding it. He coined the term “folksonomy” to differentiate the shared terms people apply for their own use as well as others. He also helps develop the integration of folksonomy with taxonomy for the best results.

1 session

Salle 1 à 9 h 00 - Présenté en anglais

Using Social Lenses to Optimize Your Intranet

Many organizations have been adding social components to their intranet, but finding a use is not what they are expecting until they start modifying them to account for their employees’ uncertainties around use and value. This workshop looks at not only the simple understandings but lays out many social elements that can help understand how to think through the needs and solutions for a social intranet. As well, it addresses what should be examined and how to consider the options based on your organization’s needs and environment.