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Richard Millington

Managing Director
FeverBee Community Consultancy & The Pillar Summit

Richard Millington is the founder and Managing Director of FeverBee Community Consultancy, and The Pillar Summit.

FeverBee is a specialist community consultancy which helps organizations develop thriving online communities. It’s clients include Oracle, The United Nations, The Global Fund, The British Medical Journal, Novartis, BAE Systems, and a number of youth & entertainment brands.

After noticing a lack of professional training for community managers, Richard founded the world’s first Professional Community Management course. This course bridges the gap between the community worlds of academics and practitioners. It drills participants in best practice, advanced techniques and proven theory.

Course participants have included many of the world’s top community managers, including representatives from Amazon, LEGO, GreenPeace, Telligent and many other known organizations.

Richard’s blog,, is the most popular community management blog in the world and is widely cited as best practice. Richard is also the author of two community management books; the proven path – which explains how to develop a community from scratch, and Data Driven Community Management.

1 session

Salle 1 à 16 h 45 - Présenté en anglais

The ROI of Communities for Businesses

The state of community management is good, but could be much, much, better. At the moment, too many community managers are maintaining their communities are opposed to developing them. They’re squandering a number of fantastic opportunities to gain a clear ROI from their efforts.

This talk aims to change the way you approach community management. During this discussion, Richard will explain how to combine data, proven theory, and an array of case studies to become a proactive, professional, community manager.

This talk will explain how to develop your community, not simply maintain it, how to use data to optimize all elements of community management, and how to identify the ROI of an online community (along with tips to increase that ROI).



  • Learn how to develop a community, not merely a maintain it.
  • Master data to optimize community activities.
  • Identify and increase the ROI of your online community.