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Mixmédia Montréal

Le rendez-vous des créateurs en contenu numériques

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Jessamyn West

Director of Community

Jessamyn West is a library technologist and director of community for the massive group blog MetaFilter who lives in rural Vermont. Her research areas are the digital divide, public libraries and examining what needs to happen to make online spaces into true community spaces.

1 session

Salle 2 à 15 h 45 - Présenté en anglais

Markets are conversations: Creating and managing desirable online communities

Online community can be cultivated and nurtured or it can be an afterthought in the perpetual quest for clicks and eyeballs. Jessamyn West, director of community for the massive group blog MetaFilter, discusses their approach to managing their expanding userbase using a combination of technology, transparency and very few hard and fast


  • Learn best practices for managing online communities including marketing, retention, strategizing
  • Learn special characteristics about
  • Learn what goes into making an online community a community and not just a collection of comments.