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Le rendez-vous des créateurs en contenu numériques

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Craig Silverman

Editor of Regret the Error and Adjunct Faculty
The Poynter Institute

Craig Silverman is an award-winning journalist and a media entrepreneur. He is the founder of Regret the Error, a blog that reports on media errors and corrections, and trends regarding accuracy and verification. The blog was acquired by the Poynter Institute in December 2011, and he joined as Adjunct Faculty. Craig writes a weekly column for the Toronto Star and has been a columnist for Columbia Journalism Review, The Globe And Mail and He’s the former managing editor of PBS MediaShift, and was part of the founding team that launched, a Canadian online news start-up. He currently advises OpenFile and works with Spundge, a Montreal startup building a platform for online journalism. Craig is the president of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, which represents close to 700 freelance writers across the country.

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Salle 1 à 9 h 30 - Présenté en anglais

How Custom Media Has Evolved from Print to the Web

A look at how custom media is the most engaging form of marketing. At Spafax, I am responsible for pushing branded content along multiple channels and platforms to deliver engagement and loyalty. This is a market that is rapidly growing all over the world but is still relatively underdeveloped North America.

Custom Publishing was a kind of “either/or” affair with little integration between print and web (or, later, mobile and apps). Content Marketing sees a bigger picture and gets to the heart of what “custom media” has always been – a more sophisticated, more immersive, branding and marketing tool.
The majority of our clients now have combined print/digital communications strategies (and let’s not forget they all started with a print only strategy). 

Our customers see us really talking about the story of what they want to say distilled as content – we’ll worry about the format later. The format will fit the content marketing strategy. In the past, in many ways, the strategy fit the format. That’s been reversed. 

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