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Mixmédia Montréal

Le rendez-vous des créateurs en contenu numériques

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Andy Nulman

VP Fucking Craziness
Festival Juste pour rire/Just For Laughs

Sorry this is in English, but his life reads better in this language.

Started off as a journalist for a Quebecor weekly.  Went on to co-found Just For Laughs.  Built it to monstrous proportions and left when it got routine and boring.  Jumped into web content business before there was one just as the Internet bubble burst.  Out of desperation, veered off into mobile content business before there was one .  Co-built pioneering Airborne Entertainment into a company purchased for over $100 million. Went back to Just For Laughs as President, Festivals and TV to try to inject a digital spirit into a successful analog company.  Jury is still out if he can succeed.  Has written four books.  Speaks a lot.  Sings rock ‘n’ roll.  Goes to the gym consistently.  Plays hockey.  Wears too much jewelry.  Has two grown sons, a long-term wife and two adorable dogs.  Always looking for a new thrill.

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Salle 2 à 13 h 15 - Présenté en français

??? You tell me! Winning Big Time On The Web

Should Web content, like education in Quebec, be free?  Of course not.  It ain’t easy to make money with content on the Internet, but it’s not impossible either.  Find out the wins and losses from someone who’s won and lost big-time in the arena.


  • They will learn
  • They will laugh
  • They will be enraged