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Alistair Croll

Principal Analyst

Alistair is the founder of Bitcurrent and an executive at CloudOps. He chairs some of the largest IT conferences in the world, including Cloud Connect, Interop’s Enterprise Cloud Summit, and O’Reilly Strata. A sought-after speaker on emerging technology, web performance, and entrepreneurship, he is the author of three books.

Alistair co-founded Coradiant (sold to BMC in April, 2011) here in Montreal, and launched the research firm Networkshop. He is also a founding partner of Year One Labs and a founder of the International Startup Festival. He has held a variety of product marketing positions since his graduation from Dalhousie University with a degree in strategic marketing.

Alistair advises a number of investment firms on the technology industry, and currently helps several early-stage companies with product planning, strategic marketing, and corporate development. A native Montrealer, he credits his inability to concentrate for his varied career, and his first Apple //e for its technical focus.

Alistair writes about technology, society, marketing, and running conferences at and says too much on Twitter as @acroll.


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Salle 3 à 9 h 00 - Présenté en anglais

Cloud Computing 101

Need to get up to cloud speed in a hurry? This fast-paced workshop will give you the foundation you need to understand where utility computing is headed. Join Bitcurrent analyst and author Alistair Croll for a look at the fundamentals of on-demand infrastructure.

Cloud Computing is a major shift in IT. It’s similar to the switch from circuit- to packet-based networking, or from procedural to object-oriented programming, or from mainframes to client-server models. As with those shifts, some IT professionals will thrive— and others will become obsolete. Clouds rely on a new set of fundamentals: horizontal scaling, sharding, eventually consistent data systems, virtualization, and more. In this two-hour workshop, we’ll cover these fundamentals and understand how they combine to give us today’s cloud offerings.

This workshop is aimed at IT professionals who want a solid understanding of cloud issues and design primitives, but it’s equally well suited to industry insiders, product managers, and technologists who want to see how to better explain cloud technology to their customers and peers.


  • The taxonomy of clouds, and practical ways to distinguish infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service models
  • How to think about cloud adoption and plan a migration
  • The design-for-failure model of cloud architectures
  • Horizontal scaling and elasticity
  • What changes when the machines are essentially free